1) The Beginning of Muskys

- Musky Revolution: on 21st of May the Muky history begins with the project release. Musky History publication.
- Community creation: through this process, the Musky community is ready to receive all of you- “Be ready for the Revolution”!
- Web and Musky reveal: to finish the project lunchment, on 28th May there will be the webpage release and the sneak peak of the NFT design

2) Musky army consolidation

This is the stage of the community consolidation, here, be ready for exclusive news and events:
- Weekly giveaways
- Releases
- Comic
- Interaction

3) Collection release

- Whitelist: on 19th of July the Chief Musky Master Sergeants and the Musky Sargeants will be able to access NFTs pre-mint in exclusive conditions.- 90% OF NFTs
- Public Sale: on 21th of July, our army will be public, with higher prices, the people will be able to buy the rest 10% of NFTs.
- After Lunch: benefits for musky holders, giveaways and access to musky events.

4) Merch release

The musky merch will be released. It will give support to the community and direct benefits for the second and third collection. You would be able to get your favorite Musky customizations and garments from our website.
There will be original doggy products too!

5) Musky Coin

The musky currency will appear in the community.
- Access to musky events
- Merch
- Reward for holders

6) Musky Meetings

The musky community will meet after the collection release, a forecast for the community will be complemented by a heavy party. This is exclusive: NO ALL MEMBERS WILL HAVE ACCESS, it is a battle!- Location: secret.

7) Second and third collection

The community has a continuity, the muskies are not alone on the universe, pay attention, the community evolution is composed by three collections. The second collection will be announced after we receive your feedback!
Coin release
Our group is currently working on a cryptocoin project based on the Musky World. More features, utility and details will be revealed soon!

8) Musky Series

The Musky history will be reflected into an amazing production, the origin, the adventures, the internal communities, and the historical evolution of the economy will be reflected on this blockbuster.
Exclusively, the series will be done in cartoons for TV, giving discounts through partnerships to Musky NFT owners!.
In relation to the Musky World the coin project, we are also planning on a game playable from our official website where you can insert your own NFT Musky!